Is there a companion mobile app for Smart Nora?



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    Peter Howson

    I pre-ordered a Smart Nora in December of 2016 and received my unit in February. At that time I asked when the app would be available and was told it was in beta and would be available within a month. As a project manager for a software company, I offered my services as a beta tester and was told to download Snorelab and that the Nora App would be out soon enough.

    As I'm sure you can see based on simple math, that was well over 6 months ago. I have regularly checked this particular question on a weekly basis to see if there was any change in the status and have become increasingly disillusioned as the question seems to be regularly updated without actually changing in order to give the impression that the release is imminent but the app never seems to materialize. 

    I am a big fan of the Smart Nora, but if you are having trouble completing the app, it would be better to be honest with your customers than to deceive them in such a patently transparent manner. An actual update would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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